These clear dome hotels in Arizona and Utah offer stunning stargazing

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For anyone who wants to fall asleep under the stars without sacrificing the creature comforts of a hotel, a room with a clear dome is the perfect option. Usually designed with glass walls and ceilings, these rooms allow guests to stargaze from the comfort of their accommodations and enjoy the outdoors without actually being outside.

Although bubble-domed hotels have popped up in other countries over the last few years, including the jungles of Thailand and Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region, the U.S. didn’t have one until 2023. Clear Sky Resorts debuted at that time, and it’s opening its second location for bookings later this year.

Clear Sky Resorts can give you what it calls a “true glamping experience.” It offers eight different domed hotel rooms at its first location, which is just 25 minutes away from Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim entrance. Here’s a Facebook post showing the Arizona site, which opens for its second season on April 25.

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A second location in Utah is only 15 minutes away from Bryce Canyon National Park and offers five dome rooms that will be available for booking starting Aug. 1, although more are planned. These geodesic domes look like they’ll be more luxurious than the originals.

Here’s a look at the new site:

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Each room, or Sky Dome, boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that give guests an incredible view of the surrounding scenery. The rooms are all decked out with upscale furnishings and private bathrooms with a rain shower. The Arizona domes range in size to fit two people up to a family of seven, while up to eight people can stay in a room at the Utah resort. Children can stay when accompanied by an adult; no pets are allowed.

Here is what one of the rooms looks like:

You can even pick a theme, if you stay at the location in Arizona. These include “British Secret Agent,” “80’s Video Games,” a “Space Galaxy” motif and “Pink (Unicorns/Rainbows.)” Check out these cool rooms:

Prices start at $345 per night for the smallest of the domes in Arizona and vary depending on the dates booked. You may be able to get a discount if you stay for three or more nights.

Included in the price are nightly s’mores as well as fun activities, including stargazing tours, movie nights, live music, and sunrise yoga, subject to availability. The Utah location will feature a projection dome and a glass-domed restaurant.

At the Arizona location, there is also an on-site food truck (with great views, as seen on Facebook), a Welcome Dome, a lit frisbee golf course and a playground. Of course, there’s also Wi-fi, which you’ll need to upload your many gorgeous vacation pics.

For the couple or family that has mixed feelings on camping, we think glamping domes are the perfect compromise. This would make a memorable and unique vacation, if you’re game!

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