6 cocktail recipes that are perfect for pickle lovers

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Pickles seem to be making their way into all kinds of things. It wasn’t that long ago that we wrote about these pickle-flavored freeze pops. And let’s not forget about the pickled-flavored soda and these pickle-flavored candy canes. There’s even pickle-flavored beer on the market.

But if you’d prefer to whip up your own pickle-flavored alcoholic concoctions, you might be interested in trying out one of these six interesting, yet fun recipes.

1. Pickleback Jell-O Shots

If you’re in a pickle and can’t decide what to bring to your next social gathering, why not give this recipe a try? If anything, these little Pickleback Jell-O shots are sure to be a conversation starter.

2. The Fisherman Folly Drink

Fish sauce combined with pickle juice, gin and sake make this funky drink truly one of a kind. Tasting Table claims the matcha powder the recipe calls for gives the drink a slight creaminess, while the grapefruit juice completes the drink with a citrus tang.

Tasting Table

3. Kosher Dill Shots

These little gelatin balls of pickled-flavored vodka that are infused with fresh dill leaves would make for an interesting alcoholic treat, don’t you think?

My Jello Americans

4. The Dill Pickle Martini

Put a twist on the classic martini by adding pickle juice to it and placing pickle slices in the drink in lieu of stirring sticks.


5. The Pickled Surfer

If you’re looking for a mellow-flavored pickle drink, the Pickled Surfer, made with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, is described as brighter and less cloying than a whiskey sour, but deeper and more savory than a margarita.

6. Jalapeño Egg White Cocktail Made With Pickle-Flavored Vodka

This drink doesn’t necessarily have pickles in it, but you’ll still taste a hint of pickle after adding in the pickle-flavored vodka this recipe calls for. Mixed with jalapeños and even an egg white, this sure sounds like one interesting cocktail.


It’s also worth mentioning that pickle juice is said to have a lot of health benefits, including the ability to ease your day-after pain after you’ve indulged in one too many adult beverages. Sweet!

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