New cookies ‘n creme stuffed marshmallows are hitting stores

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It’s about to be campfire season and if the thought of sitting around a fire also makes you think of making s’mores, there’s a new treat hitting store shelves you’ll want to add to your shopping list.

The new Cookies ‘n Crème Stuffed Puffs are fluffy vanilla marshmallows stuffed with white creme and chocolate cookie crunch. Now a permanent flavor in the brand’s lineup, they are the first-ever crunchy-filled Stuffed Puffs.

While they would make a unique-tasting s’more (sort of like putting an Oreo inside instead of a piece of chocolate!), they can also be used in a variety of recipes, like Cookies ‘n Creme Krispies.

The new Cookies ‘n Crème Stuffed Puffs will begin rolling out to retailers nationwide this May, but eager fans can get a taste now through Stuffed Puffs’ website and Amazon.

Stuffed Puffs

Cookies ‘n Crème joins other permanent stuffed marshmallow flavors including milk chocolate and chocolate-on-chocolate. The milk chocolate flavor takes a regular marshmallow and stuffs it with chocolate, while the chocolate-on-chocolate is for serious chocolate fans, as the marshmallow is also chocolate-flavored.

Stuffed Puffs also released a seasonal flavor last winter that was perfect for hot chocolate: Stuffed Puffs Chocolate Peppermint Bark. While no longer available, you may want to keep an eye out for it again once the 2021 holiday season rolls around.

Stuffed Puffs

You may soon be able to find another marshmallow treat from Jet-Puffed: Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Bites. The bites are not yet listed on Jet Puffed’s website or other major retailer sites, but they are available at Five & Dime Sweets.

There are three flavors listed — coconut, birthday cake and s’mores. These bite-sized marshmallows are covered in chocolate and then topped with either coconut, rainbow sprinkles or graham cracker crumbs.

Five & Dimes Sweets

Meanwhile, the XO Marshmallow company is also devoted to fun marshmallow flavors, offering everything from Butterbeer for Harry Potter fans to funfetti, salted caramel, cotton candy, lavender honey, Nutella and more.

Boxes of 12 marshmallows start at $9.95 each, or you can order a Gourmet S’mores Kit or other treats like marshmallow turtles or a cookie dough marshmallow cone that looks absolutely scrumptious!

XO Marshmallow

Are you a fan of plain marshmallows or do you like to try interesting flavors?