This couple opted for a wedding cake piñata versus a real cake at their wedding

What do you do if you’re getting married but you’re not into cake? A bride and groom in California recently turned this wedding tradition on its head, infusing their fun slide into the dessert hour with a wedding cake piñata instead of an actual cake. It was the perfect alternative, as they didn’t have to skip out on the fun that goes with cutting the cake. Instead, Karen and Clay hit their wedding cake piñata and the crowd went wild.

The piñata was adorned with their likenesses and designed like a three-tiered wedding cake. They filled it with all things edible and non-edible, from mini bottles of alcohol to party poppers to traditional Mexican snacks.

“It was a blast to have at our wedding and all guests, kids, and grandparents alike loved the piñata bashing equally, if not more than the goodies,” bride Karen wrote on her blog, Honestly Yum.

Videographers The Quail & The Dove captured the whole awesome scene. Check it out:

“When we first embarked on the wedding planning process, we knew we wanted to make our day unique and reflect our personalities in a special way,” Karen wrote. “We did away with certain wedding traditions… More importantly, we wanted to ensure our guests ate and drank beyond their expectations and walked away with a memorable ‘Clay and Karen’ experience.”

The guests who wanted more typical dessert options also got their way at this reception. The bride and groom served churros with dulce de leche in the cutest takeout containers.

Read bride Karen’s full recap of her big day on her blog, Honestly Yum.

Already married and expecting, but want to get in on the pinata fun? Jump in on the gender reveal trend and do a piñata gender reveal. You just have to fill up the piñata with blue or pink candies.