11 awesome back-to-school nail art designs

Students are not the only ones who face a new school year with mixed emotions. Teachers must also prepare themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.

Along with shopping for classroom supplies and making lesson plans, educators deserve to pamper themselves as they get back in the groove of reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. A manicure may be just the ticket, especially when it involves super cute back to school nail art.

Here’s 11 awesome nail-art ideas to get you in the mood to learn!

1. Crayon Nail Art

These adorable Crayola-inspired nails would be ideal for a kindergarten or preschool teacher. Want to DIY it? Check out this video tutorial.

Of course, there are countless designs to inspire anyone heading back to the classroom. Check out some of our other favorite back-to-school nail finds.

2. Chalkboard Nails

Nails on the chalkboard are no fun, but chalkboards on nails? Now you’re talking.


3. School Supplies

Lined paper, number two pencils and ABCs add up to a cheerful first day of class.


4. Kawaii Style

There are loads of things to love about going back to school, such as seeing people you missed and these happy little school supplies.


5. Pencils and Paper

Short nails can get in on the action as well. Eraser pink, a single pencil and can we talk about the shiny lined paper?


6. Homework and Gym Class

Be prepared for lacing up sneakers, writing out problems on the board and encouraging note-taking skills with this eclectic nail art design.


7. Erasers Ready

Everybody makes mistakes; that’s why pencils have erasers! This charming mani is the perfect reminder to be patient with students and yourself.


8. Math Class

Grid paper, equations and a ruler make this an ideal design idea for a high school math teacher or anyone fond of solving problems.


9. Apples for the Teacher

Why wait for someone to bring you a shiny, red fruit? This simple yet eye-catching nail art will make your first day brighter.


10. Notebook Doodles

This manicure artwork will take you back to the days of daydreaming during lessons… not that you ever did that, of course.


11. Super Teacher

You can’t hide it: Everyone knows teaching is your super power. Let your alter ego shine through with fitting nail art such as this.