This crochet opossum is a cute way to store plastic bags in your kitchen

Raise your hand if your plastic shopping bag collection has started to take over your kitchen. Many people like holding onto the bags to reuse for groceries, as small trash receptacles, or even in creative projects. But, finding a way to store collected bags that keeps them out of the way while still looking aesthetically pleasing can be tough.

That’s why Etsy shop HappilyHookedGoods designed a crochet bag holder that is as cute as it is convenient. Say hello to this adorable opossum who will hold your bags for you!


Yes, opossums are notoriously a little strange and can seem quite vicious when encountered in the wild, although they definitely get a bad rap. And this little guy promises to be a helpful hand around the house!

Crafter and Etsy shop owner Victoria Drinkard from Washington designed this crocheted bag holder to look “adorably weird,” but serviceable.

“A long nose, beady eyes, floppy ears, stubby little legs, tiny pink toes, and a curly tail all crafted to make this bag holder look like the nocturnal marsupial, the opossum,” Drinkard wrote in the product description. “A six-inch opening is made on the underside of the bag holder for filling and taking of bags. The tail is stuffed with polyester fill and a thin wire is inserted to allow you to curl it how you need for hanging.”


Each opossum bag holder is made with acrylic yarn, safety eyes and wire. It measures 31 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. Drinkard estimates each crochet opossum bag holder can hold up to 20 standard grocery plastic bags. These little guys can carry quite a load.

We have to admit, he’s kind of cute in his own unique way. And, isn’t this a better, more conversation-worthy way to store your plastic bags than just shoving them under your sink or in your cabinets?


Unfortunately, Etsy says the seller has been on a break since May 7. You can message the crafter at her official Etsy shop page to find out when she’ll be shipping out more of these helpful holders, or have Etsy notify you when she has returned to crafting and selling her wares.