Dad literally bores baby to sleep with his work talk

In the never-ending quest to get their babies to fall asleep, parents will try almost anything. They drive around with the baby strapped in a car seat, sing lullabies and use white noise machines as strategies to get the little one snoozing.

One dad has an entirely different and unconventional solution for sending his little one off to dream land.

Dad’s Job Bores Son To Sleep

Kevin Payne, 32, simply talks about his job as a technology resilience manager until his five-month-old son, Carter, falls sleep. Apparently the completely boring descriptions of his day-to-day work activities are enough to make anyone nod off. Check out the hilarious video of the wacky, but effective strategy below:

Carter can hardly keep his eyes open as his dad prattles on about “built-in resiliency” and “disaster recovery.” Even when Payne tries to keep him awake by insisting that his description of his career is “not that boring,” Carter goes right back to peacefully dozing. I’ll confess—I felt a little sleepy myself while watching the clip!

Payne says he’ll try anything and everything to get Carter and Addy, his three-year-old daughter, to sleep. When Addy was a baby, he used to sing her the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song as well as regale her with discussions of politics.

Who needs “Goodnight Moon?” when you’ve got skills like that?

However, Payne’s wife, Eryn, sticks to the classics like lullabies.

“I use my kids as a sounding board for some of the random thoughts that run through my head at various hours of the night,” he explained to Us Weekly.“Eryn takes the more traditional route as she was blessed with a voice that doesn’t cause others to wince in pain.”

What do you think? Would you give this clever hack a try? It just might work to get you and your child some precious shut-eye.