Redesign Your Desk For More Productivity

If you’re in the mood to redecorate your work space for fall, look no further.

Inspiration comes from Here, the idea is less is more.

“ is designed to inspire and aid you in your quest to create a desk or workspace environment that allows you to get your best and most important work done,” the creator wrote on the site’s about page.

From desks carved out of wood to tiny desks in rooms filled with lots of light (and not much else), fall in love with the idea of having a clean place to sit down and bring your ideas to life.

Here are 9 ways you can declutter and get inspired with your work space materials:

1. All Natural

A lot of natural wood or stone in a desk area could make you feel a little closer to the outdoors and encourage you to get work done faster – so you can get outside!


2. Light And Airy

Letting a lot of light in can do wonders for your creativity and mood, especially if you’re a designer or event planner.


3. Serious Business

Every so often, all work and no play can be a good thing. Removing distractions can help encourage sessions of high productivity – this is great for developers and project managers.


4. White Washed

Sometimes a clean canvas can be the best source of inspiration so you can focus on what’s important.

Break Out The Glitter

5. Integrated Space

Even the tiniest spaces can be made into an area devoted to productivity, and be tucked away and hidden when not in use.

Minimal Desks

6. Book Worm

If reading is your way of generating ideas, surround yourself with books.

Dream House Inspiration

7. Rustic

Vintage pieces can make a space feel extra special. Giving new life to something old can be a great conversation piece as well.

Design Sponge

8. Executive Suite

Want a corner office with a view? What’s stopping you from giving yourself one at home?

9. Wooden Studio

When working with a small area, different shades and stains of wood can bring warmth, texture, and a feeling of depth to a room.


Feeling like redesigning your desk space now? I know I am!