This Nutella Pastry Christmas Tree Recipe Is Going to Make Your Holiday Season


With all the parties you’ll be attending and baked goods you’ll be gifting this year, there are plenty of reasons to keep the desserts coming. But maintaining the holiday cheer while you’re churning out treats in the kitchen can be easier said than done, and that’s where this Nutella Christmas Tree Pastry comes in.

This dessert looks like a Pinterest fail just waiting to happen, but that’s the beauty of it. The pastry-chef-level dessert is actually super-easy to make, so no one will know that you took the simple approach to the holidays this year. And once they taste this, they won’t care anyway.

All you need to make this dream dessert is a package of puff pastry sheets and Nutella. Seriously — that’s it.

You’ll start by taking two of the pastry sheets and cutting them down to the shape of a Christmas tree. On one layer, you’ll spread a thick layer of Nutella, and then place the second layer of pastry on top. You’ll cut “branches” into both sides of the Christmas tree and twist each one.

After some time in the oven, you’ll have a beautiful Christmas tree-shaped dessert.

The Kidspot YouTube channel has a great tutorial to show you how it’s done:

The dessert is great for serving for a crowd, too, since it can be easily pulled apart by many hands and eaten one piece at a time.

If you don’t mind a version that’s a tad more complicated, you can also try this version from the Home Cooking YouTube channel, which inserts almonds into the filling and tops the tree with a puff pastry star:

Much like with an actual Christmas tree, the fun comes in when it’s time for decorating! You can top your tree with raspberries (as Kidspot demonstrated), sprinkle bits of candy cane on top or really take things to the next level with extra-sweet ingredients, like cinnamon and sugar.

This recipe from Cafe Delites creates a “churro” version of the Christmas tree dessert by topping the freshly baked pastry with more butter, cinnamon and sugar. Yummy!

Cafe Delites

You’re sure to wow everyone with your baking skills when you serve this for dessert. And as far as how easy it was — your secret’s safe with us!

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