Here Are 5 Next-Level Candy Apples

One of the best parts of fall are apples, and there is no treat quite like a candy apple. Sure, your typical run of the mill chocolate-and-nut covered apple does the trick, but there are so many other possibilities when it comes to coating apples in candy, so why stop there? We’ve been inspired by these five fall candy apples that are beautiful, impressive for parties and will definitely hit the spot.

1. Poison Toffee Apples

These spooky black apples are as delicious as they are gorgeous. These granny smith apples are covered with a dark toffee coating, giving them an even sweeter crunch—and an eerie exterior.

Simply Delicious Food

2. Creepy Candy Caramel Apples

These caramel apples are perfect for Halloween. They’ve got all your favorite toppings, plus a decorative web that makes them perfect for parties.

Million Moments

3.  Caramel Apple Slices

Not only are these caramel apple slices easy to eat, but they’re incredibly beautiful, with their swirls of multiple types of chocolate and caramel.

Domestically Blissful

4. Smoked Bacon Wrapped Bourbon Caramel Apple

Now here’s a new twist on a candy apple: one that’s wrapped in smoked bacon. The sweet-and-savory combo of apple and bacon is irresistible, and it also happens to look pretty cool, too.


5. Candy Apple Popcorn Balls

A candy coating isn’t enough—throw in some pieces of popcorn for an even more decadent dessert that still utilizes the traditional spiced candy apple flavor.

Country Cleaver

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