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Adidas Commissioned A Line Of Shoes Inspired By Each Of The 50 States

These shoes are works of art.

Pizza, peaches and brightly colored shoes adorned with faux flowers? Yes, they now exist, and it’s all thanks to a partnership between Adidas and Refinery 29.

Joining together, the two companies invited 10 women artists to create pairs of shoes inspired by the 50 states. The canvas? Bright white Adidas UltraBOOST x running shoes.

The results are stunning. Some designs showcase noteworthy food staples from select states, such as the pizza-inspired shoe design that represents New Jersey:

Other shoe designs highlight gorgeous topography or landscapes from the state, such as the shoe design from Hawaii, and the five designs Jordana Schrager did:


Then there are some more literal designs. You know, like showcasing Maine’s love for lobsters or the illustration of a giant peach for the state of Georgia:

Other artists in the group of 10 used state flowers and state flags as their inspiration:
And then of course, Wisconsin has a cheese theme:


Acrylic paint, faux flowers, thread, beads, clay and even sand were used in the designs.

The artist responsible for the culinary-themed sneaker designs, Lizzie Darden, said “You can’t throw a party with just one dish. Each state has something great and unique to bring to the table, and it’s important to celebrate them individually and as a whole unit.”

The one-of-a-kind shoe collection, “BOOST the Nation,” was auctioned off through Adidas’ website earlier this month. All of the proceeds went to benefit Women Win, is a charity that leverages the power of sport to build girls’ leadership and help communities address gender equity.

So the unfortunate news is that you won’t be able to sport these designs any time soon, but you never know what the future holds when it comes to fashion trends. Who would’ve thought that a hairy chest bathing suit would be making headlines? Add in the hairy leggings currently on the market and pair them with some interesting shoes such as these and you’ll be sure to make a statement that’s unlikely to be forgotten.