Fried Oreos with ice cream are coming to Sonic

Oreo cookies have been around in their original form since 1912, but if you’re a fan of America’s favorite cookie, you know the standard Oreo is just the start. From carrot cake and dark chocolate to peanut butter pie and “the most stuf” (which are stuffed with tons of cream), Oreo is not shy when it comes to interesting takes on the beloved cookie.

So, it seems only fitting that other companies are getting in on the trend and using Oreos to create some pretty impressive desserts. Johnny Rockets just added an Oreo cookie chocolate shake to their menu, and in the past we’ve seen everything from Oreo iced coffee (a collaboration with International Delight) to Oreo drink mix.

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Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

The latest treat that will soon be tantalizing our taste buds, however, will be at Sonic, where they’re taking the original Oreo and giving it a bit of a makeover.

Sonic confirmed to Simplemost that the drive-in fast-food restaurant chain will be introducing a new fried Oreo a la mode on Jan. 28, while supplies last.

The dessert is exactly what it sounds like — fried Oreos with a side of ice cream.


You’re not going to believe this, but this whole fried-treats-with-ice-cream situation gets even better. Sonic isn’t just launching the fried Oreos dessert. They’ll also introduce Cinnabon Cinnasnacks a la mode — three flaky pastries with a cinnamon filling served alongside ice cream.

Yum! Both treats cost $2.99 and will be available at participating Sonic locations.


If you can’t wait until you can get your hands on the new Oreos, you can find a version of fried Oreos at Walmart that you can make at home. Just pop them in the oven, then add ice cream!

Will you be trying Sonic’s new fried Oreos a la mode?