Your ‘Fur Baby’ Needs A Pet Camper

We do ridiculous things for our pets all of the time. We dress them up, we carry them around, and even push them in strollers. So, naturally, when it’s time to go camping, your pet’s going to be there, too.

But, don’t just take your pet along for the ride, make them really feel like a member of the family with one of these cute handmade pet trailers from Judson Beaumont’s Straight Line Designs.

They’re adorable and will have your pet feeling right at home in the wilderness in no time.

Camping? Please, you mean glamping. Because only the best will do for your four-legged friend, am I right?

They’re designed to look like vintage mobile homes and their retro feel makes them all the more special.

You definitely don’t see something like this everyday, but if you have a VERY pampered pooch (or very well trained kitty), this could be right up your alley.

According to Mental Floss, they’re only designed for pets up to 20 pounds (for now) and they come equipped with features like stainless steel food bowls and LED lighting—you know, all the basic necessities.

Straight Line Designs

It won’t be cheap to get your pooch into one of these, however. They retail for $1,000, according to Outside magazine.

But hey, if you and your pet visit campsites together on the regular, it’s a great investment. Plus, just think of the photo opps!

If you’d like to personalize the pet trailer, you can do that, too. The license plate can be inscribed with your pet’s name or another cute little phrase.

Get ready to be inspired to hit the open road and spend the night outside—because now you and your pet will both have nice, comfortable places to sleep. Sleeping in the great outdoors has never been so luxurious!

Inspiration: This Man Built A Room For His Dog

If a camper for your pet isn’t your thing, maybe a special room in your home is.

One man did just that, building a special room for his dog. And we’re not just talking about a space with a dog bed in it. Nope. This space looks nice enough to be an actual living room.

Photos of the puppy renovation came via Twitter user Al_Chris16. The photos document the process his brother underwent to turn the space under the stairs into a luxurious puppy escape.

The little room has molding, framed photos of his dog and his dog’s pals, a light and what seems to be a very comfortable bed.

In other words, it’s a space where his dog can kick back, relax and, most importantly, feel at home. What more could a pup hope for?

Fellow pet lovers had some great reactions to the post online, and have even admitted that the photos have caused their pets to want a room of their own. And it’s no wonder other pets are envious. Most humans are, too!

If a camper or a room in your house is just too much for you, consider this easy-to-make puppy tent.

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Take your pup and his camper on the road in your own vintage-inspired camper!