This ‘Harry Potter’ Nursery Will Warm Your Wizard Heart

The biggest Harry Potter fans are becoming parents, and it’s yielding the cutest results.

I mean, first there was this incredible “Harry Potter”-themed photo shoot, and now there’s something even more magical: none other than a Potter-themed nursery. Yeah, let that sink in for a minute.

This kid is only 7 months old, and he’s already the coolest guy around because he has a room completely decked out in owls, Hogwarts flags, Dobby portraits and more.

Kaycee Daniel/BuzzFeed

Parents Kaycee (mom) and Casey (dad) Daniel told BuzzFeed all about the idea for the nursery and how they were able to bring it to life for their little one.

“My husband knew right when we were pregnant that he wanted to do a Harry Potter nursery. At first I wasn’t sure, to be honest, but after him showing me some ideas, I came around to the idea,” she told HuffPo.

Kaycee Daniel/BuzzFeed

It’d be hard not to come around to the idea of a “Harry Potter” nursery, and now, apparently, she couldn’t be more pleased with her decision to go along with it.

“I walk into the room every morning and I still can’t believe it is in our house!”

Kaycee Daniel/BuzzFeed

It is pretty impressive. They have their friend and mural artist, Nate Baranowski, to thank for the beautiful artwork.

Kaycee Daneil/BuzzFeed

It reportedly took him five days to complete the mural. These other portraits are just a fun bonus!

Kaycee Daniel/BuzzFeed

What a lucky kid, huh?! He’ll get into Hogwarts with no problems at all! Something tells me he’s got a bright future ahead of him, all thanks to that incredible nursery.

[h/t: Huffington Post]