Crustless apple pies are so delicious you won’t miss the flour

Kevin Is Baking

If you’ve been looking for a low-carb take on apple pie, well, you just found it. Because these apple pie recipes may omit the crust, but you won’t miss it at all. They still have the cinnamony, warm-apple flavor you love in traditional apple pie, so really, who needs the crust, anyway?

This recipe from Kevin Is Cooking shows that if you serve apples Hasselback-style, you’ll create the perfect shape for stuffing a buttery mixture of oats, cinnamon and sugar between wedges of apple. His recipe for baked Hasselback apples looks so warm and delicious and packs just enough crunch that you’ll forget the notion of crust entirely.

Kevin Is Baking

This recipe from Delish for crustless apple pie is similar to Kevin’s, but because it doesn’t call for even a small amount of flour, it’s easy to make this one gluten-free. (Just be sure to buy rolled oats that are specifically marked “gluten-free.”) And really, gluten-free or not, a video from the Delish YouTube channel will show you how easy and tasty this dessert is for anyone:

Considering this can be made using individual apples, this is great for portion control. You can easily create a single serving, or serve one to each member of your family without the fear of the temptation of leftovers that would come with making an entire pie.

If you do happen to be serving for a crowd, though, you could try this version of crustless apple pie from The Sugar Free Diva, which is made with no added sugar. The recipe instead calls for a sugar alternative, such as Splenda. The recipe also calls for a brown sugar alternative, so you might consider trying honey in its place.

Despite the omissions, this apple pie gets served up similarly to a traditional pie. It can even still be baked in a pie dish!

In lieu of crust, you’ll arrange the apple slices for a pleasing presentation and top them with a mixture of rolled oats, cinnamon, nutmeg and your sugar substitutes for a pie that’s prettier than your average apple treat:

The Sugar Free Diva

No matter how you decide to serve it, there’s no going wrong with these crustless versions of classic apple pie to satisfy your sweet tooth tonight!

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