Hoda Kotb brings her daughter’s class to the Today show for the ultimate field trip

Hoda and daughter

First grade class trips tend to have destinations like the zoo or a children’s museum. But not if your class has Hoda Kotb‘s child in it!

The Today show host invited her daughter Haley’s entire class to be audience members during yesterday’s live taping of “Today with Hoda & Jenna.”

About 20 first graders waved purple pom-poms at the opening of the show, and then settled in and sat criss-cross applesauce in Studio 1A at the historic 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Then they watched as Kotb and co-host Jenna Bush did their usual opening segment of chitchat, discussing topics like Olivia Rodrigo’s concert tour and how you know when you’ve become an adult.

The pair also showed a social media clip about LeBron James’ “no rules” day with his daughter (which appeared to involve lots of cartoons) and discussed their views on this idea. The two gave it a lighthearted thumbs down.

“We’re the grown-ups,” Bush said.

“Yeah, we’ve got to have rules,” Kotb said.

But when Bush walked into the audience to ask the first graders what they’d want to do on a “no rules” day, they were quite enthusiastic.

Haley got to answer first, and replied that she’d watch TV — which turned out to be a popular response among the other kids. (“Bluey” was Haley’s show of choice.) Other kids would love to see screen time rules go away, while another would go shopping.

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Their next segment was catching up on the latest Hollywood headlines with E! News host Justin Sylvester, who wasn’t thrilled by the notion of sharing his thoughts in front of a bunch of six year olds.

“First of all, y’all could have sent me an email that the kids were in the studio today because y’all know this mouth is not kid-friendly,” cracked Sylvester.

Hotb quickly reassured him that they’d asked the kids to leave the building before he got started!

Watch a clip of the adorable audience members here:

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