Hostess is adding Unicorn CupCakes to their permanent lineup

If you or your little ones love all things unicorn, get ready for a treat! Originally released as a limited-edition dessert in the fall of 2019, Hostess says their Unicorn CupCakes ended up being so popular that they’re now adding them to their permeant cupcake lineup.

It’s not hard to see why people love them. The cupcakes are a combination of yellow cake with pink and purple decorative specks, with the same creamy filling you know from other Hostess cupcakes. They’re then topped with teal icing, unicorn-esque sprinkles and a pink squiggle. So pretty!

They’re now available in stores nationwide, including at Walmart where you’ll get an eight-count box for less than $3.

Hostess’ Iced Lemon CupCakes also proved popular last spring and, as a result, are also being added to the permanent lineup. Featuring yellow cake with a tart lemon flavor, the cupcakes are filled with a sweet, citrus-flavored crème and are topped with yellow icing.

And of course they, too, have the iconic Hostess squiggle.

Who doesn’t love a nice, light, citrusy baked good, especially as the weather turns warmer?


But if these flavors don’t pique your interest, Hostess has a handful of other unique flavors on offer. Along with the classic chocolate flavor, other permanent editions include golden cake and orange.

The brand also has a few other limited-edition treats, like birthday (with rainbow sprinkles baked inside) and mint chocolate (with the mint flavor coming courtesy of both the frosting and the creme filling).

And of course, the brand is also known for its Twinkies, which have gone beyond just the plain sponge-like cake. If you want the taste of Twinkies for breakfast, you can now get both Twinkies cereal and Twinkies-flavored coffee.

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What is your favorite Hostess treat? Which flavor cupcake is tops in your opinion? Do you love all of these unique flavors, or do you feel that nothing beats the original?