How to order a Winnie the Pooh Frappuccino at Starbucks

Have a rumbly in your tumbly for a frosty Starbucks beverage? If you haven’t tried any fan-created “secret menu” drinks, then this may be the one that will get you started.

Fans usually invent and share the ordering instructions for these creations, but this time, a Starbucks barista shared a recipe he invented that’s inspired by the children’s book and Disney character Winnie the Pooh. No surprise, it includes Pooh’s favorite food, honey!

Starbucks barista and TikTokker Ryan Gawlik (@coffeefanatics) dreamed up the blended beverage after a customer asked him if there was such a thing as a Pooh Bear Frappuccino. That got him thinking and digging into some research.

“I looked all over the internet and there’s not,” Gawlik announced on his TikTok account. “So, I guess we gotta make one.”

AP Photo/Lisa Poole

The barista thought about what ingredients would remind people of the chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff and got to work.

As a barista, he had a wide variety of ingredients and flavors at his fingertips, but this drink calls for ingredients Starbucks always has on hand. Since there aren’t any seasonal ingredients, you’ll be able to order this at any time of the year.

The Pooh Bear Frappuccino starts with a vanilla bean Frappuccino and adds honey, cinnamon dolce syrup and a dash of cinnamon powder. It’s topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel.

In the video, Gawlick even set a tiny pink Piglet drink next to his Pooh Bear Frappuccino, and it is totally adorable.

Here’s Gawlick explaining how he made the Pooh Bear Frappuccino so you can order one, too:

@coffeefanaticsPOOH BEAR THEMED FRAP 🐻 🍯 ##STARBUCKS ##starbucksrecipe ##starbuckssecretmenu ##secretmenu ##viral ##tasty ##yummy♬ original sound – Ryan Gawlik

After taking a sip, the barista declared that the Pooh Bear Frappuccino tastes “just like a graham cracker.”

Remember, secret menu items aren’t on the menu at the coffee chain, so your baristas won’t know them by name — you just have to follow the ordering instructions. And when you do put together an order to get one of these drinks, make sure to thank your barista. Secret menu drinks often require a little extra work and time. Oh bother!