How to arrange your bedroom for the best night’s sleep

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While it might seem counterintuitive to put a lot of thought into a space where you spend the majority of your time with your eyes closed, having a well-designed bedroom can actually improve your health. A bedroom that has a thoughtful layout can help soothe away the residue of a harsh day and lull you off to sleep easier. Of all the rooms in your home, this one should best foster rest and relaxation.

Refreshing your bedroom can help you refocus your perspective on what comfort means to you. This means you can change smaller things, like adding an extra throw blanket or opting for the best deep pocket sheets you can find, or going big, like buying a new mattress or splurging on a chandelier.

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Keep reading for some tips on rearranging your bedroom to provide the relaxing atmosphere you need to let go of the day’s stresses each night.

Upgrade Your Sheets

Bedsheets come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a high mattress or one with built-in pillow toppers, some deep pocket fitted sheets may be a must, otherwise they will shift around and ride up while you sleep. The best deep pocket sheets start around 15 inches and come in preshrunk, breathable materials like cotton or microfiber.

Layer Well

Temperature matters. If you find your feet are too cold while trying to drift off to dreamland, the distraction can keep you awake. Sometimes the solution is simple — like adding an extra blanket to the end of your bed. During warmer seasons, you may want to opt for thinner blankets and ditch the comforter all together. The bottom line: think about it!

Place Your Bed Wisely

According to a survey of more than 1,000 people conducted by Sleep Junkie, which asked participants about their bedroom layouts in relation to the quality of their slumber, 75% of respondents reported restful sleep when the bed was centered on an interior wall with the door on an adjacent wall and a window to the side. This might be due to how the light from the window and the door can be better controlled in the room.

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Block Light Where Possible

Even the tiniest bit of illumination can interfere with our metabolic health. Light pollution from TVs, phones or the night light in the bathroom can interrupt our ability to sleep well. A study found that a small amount of light can shift the nervous system into a more alert and activated state, leading to sleep that’s less restful. If you have the luxury of sleeping late, some inexpensive blackout curtains or a sleep mask will go a long way.

Add Calming Scents

Keeping your bedroom free from unpleasant odors and full of the right ones helps reduce anxiety at bedtime. Whether the fragrance comes in the form of an essential oil diffuser at bedside or a wax melter, it doesn’t matter. Just be sure to reach for soothing scents like lavender, sage, rose or chamomile. If you prefer candles or incense, obviously blow out the flames before hitting the sheets.

Keep Things Tidy

Clean bedrooms can leave you feeling more relaxed and accomplished. A five-minute pickup before settling in for the evening could kick off a more restful sleep. Strategically place baskets or bins to gather clothes or small items more easily. The more peaceful a bedroom feels, the less anxiety you’ll feel in the space.

While we can’t always control what causes our stress levels to rise, we can help welcome more peace and calm into our lives, especially in the bedroom.


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