How To Charge Your iPhone Battery In Just 5 Minutes

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Need to charge your iPhone battery quickly? There are a few clever and quick tricks you can try that make it possible to save at least an hour of charge time, depending upon your battery’s condition and age. One caveat: these tips only work for iPhone 6 models and higher.

1. Use Airplane Mode

Turn your iPhone on to Airplane Mode. This feature shuts down any application or activity that drains your battery. Airplane Mode turns off Wi-Fi (and the capability for Wi-Fi search), locations services and cellular service. Notification services and Bluetooth also are not available during this step.

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2. Use A Wall Charger To Charge Your iPhone Battery

For the fastest, best charge, you need to use your iPhone’s wall charger. Consider using an Apple outlet charger and cord for top results. Knock-off outlet chargers and cords may save money, but they aren’t always compatible. Also, the wall charger provides a bigger boost than plugging the USB cable into your computer. The wall charger provides five watts of power compared to the computer’s two watts.

Business Insider also suggests using an iPad charger for a faster charge speed. While this can boost your battery faster, however, sometimes the larger electricity output can damage your battery. So, use at your own risk.

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3. Keep Your iPhone Cool

An iPhone’s battery works best when kept at room temperature. According to Apple, exposure to extreme temperatures reduces the battery’s lifespan, and also causes a battery to lose its charge faster than normal. So make sure not to keep your iPhone in a car on an overly hot or cold day.

When charging your iPhone, make sure it is in a cool place. Also, if it’s in a case, make sure the case doesn’t retain heat, as this can cause problems with charging and overall battery life.

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4. Leave The Phone Alone

For the fastest charge, leave the phone alone when it’s plugged in. If you use it while it’s charging, then you only drain the resources you want to replenish.

According to an experiment by Business Insider, a charging iPhone left alone compared to one whose display got used saw a five percent increase in charge. That adds up over time!

Yes, you get tempted to pick it up, but don’t! You’ll have a fully charged phone much faster if you leave it alone.

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5. Boost USB Charging Speed

Even though you should use the wall outlet charger, sometimes you can only use the USB. To increase the charging speed of your iPhone battery via computer, unplug all other USB devices. This gives your phone exclusive access to the USB drive’s power.

Also, try to keep the computer awake while charging. The charging process can stop if the computer goes into sleep mode.

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