‘Ice, Ice Baby’: Michigan Principal Remixes Vanilla Ice Song To Announce Cold Day

A principal in Milford, Michigan, decided to let his students know that they didn’t have to go to school in an unconventional way.

When Josh Gignac, principal of Johnson Elementary in Milford, announced that Jan. 30 would be a snow day for students and faculty members alike, he decided to have some fun with it.

The principal decided to embrace the cold weather theme and remixed the words to Vanilla Ice’s hit “Ice, Ice Baby” to let his students know that they wouldn’t be going to school, due to the extreme weather conditions. Gignac uploaded the fun video to YouTube and social media on Jan. 29, writing “No School Johnson Jaguars (January 30, 2019)” in the description.

As of Feb. 1, the video had over 94,000 views on YouTube. It’s also garnered dozens of comments from appreciative students and alumni, who praised the principal’s creative form of sharing the news.

“Mr G! We always knew u were awesome but this is next level,” one commenter wrote. Another suggested that Gignac take his skills to the big leagues, writing, “Mr.G you need to go on America got talent.”

Gignac responded to his fans in the comment, writing, “Thank you so much for all the kind words! If I’d have known you’d all see it I would have dialed it in a bit more.”

Watch the video from Gignac’s YouTube channel below:

Gignac isn’t the only school administrator who is getting creative when it comes to announcing school shutdowns. Officials from the Swartz Creek School District also had a similar idea.

Earlier this week, superintendent Ben Mainka and high school principal Jim Kitchen decided to do away with the simple phone call or email and instead took to YouTube for their school closure announcement.

The video, titled simply “SCCS Announcement,” starts off fairly ordinarily — until the two start breaking out into song.  Kitchen initially insists that the duo will not be humiliating themselves by “singing a snow day song” — right before they, of course, start singing a snow day song. Their version is set to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,”

Check out the full video on Mainka’s YouTube account below:

While this crazy weather may be having a big impact on several states across the country, it’s good to know that some school administrators are making the best out of a bad situation and keeping their spirits high. After all, what better way to keep warm on a cold day with a good, hearty belly laugh?

Written by WXYZ. Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado.