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These Identical Twin Brothers Are Engaged To Identical Twin Sisters

And yes—they're having a double wedding!

Twins undoubtedly share an unspeakable bond, but these identical twins are taking that sentiment to a whole other level. Identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers fell in love with identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana Deane, and now the pairs are set to be married!

Of course, the twins didn’t get engaged in just any old way. No, it was an epic affair. The twin brothers set up the proposal to be a surprise to their twin brides-to-be. The date they picked? None other than Feb. 2 (a.k.a. 2/2)—how appropriate!

And when they dropped to their knees at the exact same time and asked each lovely lady to marry them, the sisters said “yes” in unison.

“We both screamed yes,” Briana told DelawareOnline. “It was almost like an out-of-body experience. We were both just blown away. It was like watching your dream play out.”

Inside Edition was on-hand to catch the special moment on video:

The siblings met at the Twin Days Festival held in Twinsburg, Ohio, back in August and really hit it off. It didn’t take long before the brothers knew they’d ask these sisters to marry them.

“You know when you know,” Jeremy told ABC News. “We’ve always known our whole life if we were going to be married that it was going to be with twins.”

For both sets of twins, this really seems like a dream come true. The twins have been approved to have a joint wedding where they met, The Twin Days Festival, and the wedding will be open to anyone attending the festival. And the girls’ search for identical wedding dresses (to match their identical engagement rings) has already started. How exciting!

As far as the big wedding day—these twins are ready for it.

“There is a strong sense of peace,” Briana told DelawareOnline. “We’ve waited so long for them to find us. We are ready.”

This may not be your typical romance, but for the Twin Days Festival, it’s just yet another story of a happy ending that began at the Twinsburg event.

Back in 1998, identical twin brothers Craig and Mark Sanders met identical twin sisters Diane and Darlene Nettemeier. Their love was sparked at the Twin Days Festival, and now the sets of twins are married and have children—including a set of identical twin sons!

So, the Twin Days Festival really seems to be a very special meet-up place for twins. And for these two couples, they’ll always remember the festival as the place where their unique love stories began.