The internet is in love with this guy feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets during her manicure

Nothing says “true love” like a man who is ready to feed his girlfriend while she’s getting a mani/pedi. Don’t believe us? Just ask the internet.

People are going crazy for this beautiful love story, which unfolded for us all to enjoy on Twitter. It all started when Los Angeles teenagger Lea Adame witnessed a boyfriend feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets at the nail salon. (Presumably, she couldn’t feed herself because her nails were wet!):

Um, that is adorable.

And, of course, people were so intrigued by this modern-day Romeo and Juliet that they had to learn more. Luckily, the lucky chicken-nugget fan spoke up, revealing her identity and that of her awesome BF:

The power of Twitter is amazing. And so is the power of love! This sweet tale has a lot of people chiming in, with some saying they are envious:

And others pointing out that most men won’t even walk into a nail salon, let alone come prepared with delicious nuggets:

While others want to be sure that the lady also treats her man sometimes:

But some people are a bit more suspicious of the guy’s true intentions:

Meanwhile, other people on Twitter showed some love to Adame, the young woman who originally Tweeted about the cute scenario.

After the difficult week this country has had, it’s nice to enjoy silly, sweet stories like this and remember that love is all around … and that chicken nuggets are, too.

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