New Moms, You Will Relate To Joanna Gaines’ Photo Of Her ‘All-Nighter’ With Baby Crew

Joanna Gaines has had a whirlwind year so far. Not only did she announce that she and husband, Chip Gaines, would not be continuing with another season of “Fixer Upper,” but she also turned 40 and welcomed her fifth child.

And she hasn’t been shy when it comes to opening up about becoming a new mom again — eight years after giving birth to her fourth child. She and her husband announced that their son, Crew, was a surprise from the very beginning, and since his birth, she’s given glimpses into their life at home — long nights and all.

A recent Instagram post revealed what the mom is calling an “all-nighter” with her son, and parents everywhere remember nights like these with a newborn.

“Evidence of a late night up with my boy,” the mom captioned the Instagram post.

The addition of “#blowouts” and the cleaning supplies visible in the photo reveal that her son had a bit of an upset tummy, which possibly caused their lack of sleep.

She finished the caption off with “#thisis40,” which, admittedly, looks a whole lot different than she ever imagined. But the mom of five wouldn’t have it any other way.

On her 40th birthday, she posted to Instagram writing, “This is 40. And I like it,” with “#pregnantandforty.”

And since then, she’s called her surprise fifth pregnancy “a gift.”

“It’s sweet how, even in the most unpredictable ways, we’re given exactly what we need for that exact moment in time,” she wrote in her magazine, Magnolia Journal. “It wasn’t something I could have anticipated. But being pregnant and ‘forced’ to slow down has been a gift.”

Even though the mom is having to pull the occasional all-nighter with her baby boy, she’s got a family that’s more than happy to help her when she needs it — say, when it’s nap time for mommy the next day.

“I am having so much [fun] now that my kids are older,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Time goes by so fast, so this [pregnancy] one of those things where I’m trying to cherish every moment, but back then I had four kids [aged] four and under. I was right in the thick of it, trying to figure things out, and now I have four older helpers.”

It takes a village to raise a child, and thankfully — this mom’s got a family who’s on standby after a long night!