John Travolta is rocking a brand new hairstyle

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Men get credited for a lot in Hollywood, from their ability to age gracefully to their performances in lead roles.  But their hairstyles don’t often make the news. There’s an exception to this rule, however — but only if you’re John Travolta.

The actor has long been associated with his thick, often slicked-back head of hair after iconic roles in movies such as “Grease” and “Pulp Fiction.” Travolta’s hair was also once jet-black, but now, at 64 years old, he’s embraced the natural graying of his hair and beard. Still, the thick, styled nature of the ‘do has remained a constant for years. Until now.

He debuted a new look on Instagram while posing with his daughter, Ella Bleu. As you can see in the photo, Travolta has decided to shave his head entirely bald. What?!

He seems to have posted the photo in order to wish everyone a happy New Year, not to announce his new hairstyle. But people couldn’t help but notice and comment on his newly clean-shaven look. Fans flooded Twitter with reactions to his shaved appearance.

Some fans feel the look was long overdue. Twitter user @dnic7484 wrote, “The best he has ever looked. He should have done this years ago”:

Twitter user @Alyx24 went so far as to call whoever suggested he try out this look a “real hero”:

Meanwhile, Twitter user @NSBooklady2 agrees that Travolta “rocks” this look:

Some believe that Travolta’s iconic hair wasn’t natural in the first place, and are therefore embracing his decision to go bald. Twitter user @sauvignonjuan wrote, “I have a theory … John Travolta has been bald since forever … every movie he is in … hair piece.”

It’s been speculated in the past that Travolta wore a hairpiece, but regardless, he’s owning a bald head now and looking great in the process!

While the photo that officially revealed his new ‘do was posted on Jan. 7, the actor may have ditched the hair before then. He posted a Merry Christmas message with his family on Dec. 25 wearing a hat, so he could have tried the bald look weeks before anyone even realized it:

The actor was photographed as recently as mid-December sporting a full head of hair. So it’s no wonder Travolta fans were shocked to see the transformation:

John Travolta pitbull photo
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Over the years, he’s sported many different hairstyles. In 2001, he did shave his hair down fairly short:

John Travolta 2001 photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

But completely bald? That’s a new one.

The latest hairstyle does look good, but you’ve got to admit — Travolta will likely never become known for any hairstyle other than the one he debuted in “Grease.” Here’s a clip from the movie to remind you:

What do you think of Travolta’s latest hairstyle? It seems to already be a fan favorite!

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