Justin Bieber looking to settle down: ‘I seriously want a girlfriend’

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There’s going to be one less lonely girl. Justin Bieber was caught on camera saying he’s looking for a girlfriend and hoping to get married in the future.

Did you hear that, Beliebers? Stop what you’re doing and start swooning.

Teen Vogue points out that the Biebs visited Make-A-Wish patients while traveling for his Purpose Tour. He participated in a Q&A session with some of the fans, and thankfully for the rest of us, the interview below was caught on camera during a stop in Australia.

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In the video, you’ll hear these two chat about his favorite song to perform, who his idol was when he was growing up and the one thing he’d like to change about his life. Hint: This is where the girlfriend part comes in.

Bieber was asked, “Would you change anything about your life right now?” Admittedly, Bieber, who’s now 23, had to think about his response for a minute because I mean, he is Justin Bieber, after all.

But eventually he responded with, “I mean, I honestly want to find a girlfriend, ” he said. “I seriously want a girlfriend. Dead serious.”

Then he added, “I want to get married! Not right now, but, like, soon.”

Wait. Did he just say “but, like, soon?” *Cue the squeals from ladies all over the world*

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When Bieber does meet this lucky lady, chances are he won’t be able to keep his relationships under wraps for long, given his celeb status. Perhaps his most well-known relationship was with Selena Gomez, but since then, there have been quite a few rumored girlfriends.

Of course, the singer is definitely focused on his music for the time-being. He kicked off his Purpose Tour in March of 2016, and it is scheduled to run through September.

So, Beliebers, that gives you plenty of time to start planning how exactly you’ll propose to the Biebs when he’s not busy taking the stage nearly every night.


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