Little Kids Will Love This Paper Towel Roll Activity

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to keep your kids entertained, make sure you don’t throw those empty paper towel rolls away! The cardboard tube can be used to create an activity that will get your kids’ creative juices flowing and improve their fine motor skills in the process.

The idea for this playtime activity comes from Raising Dragons and is recommended for kids ages 2–5. You start by cutting an empty paper towel roll into sections. From there, you get your kid involved by having them draw different sections of a body with markers and/or crayons. The Raising Dragons example features two options for each section, one on either side of the paper towel roll. This way, your kids have options when it’s time to customize their paper towel roll person.

Then, grab a paper towel holder your kids can use to assemble the cardboard pieces, stacking them one by one like building blocks.

This video from the Raising Dragons YouTube channel demonstrates just how much fun assembling a paper towel roll person can be for little ones:

Since this offers the opportunity to draw a person, it’s also a great little anatomy lesson for kids. Plus, you can give your person different emotions, which gives you the chance to talk about feelings, too. So there’s a lot packed into this activity disguised purely as “play.”

While you’re in the crafting spirit, you may want to check out a great activity for sensory play. This is also super easy and affordable to make, and it’s great for taking on-the-go. This rainbow sensory game also comes from Raising Dragons and can be made with a plastic bag with zip closure, hand sanitizer and multi-colored counters.

The goal is to have the counters lined up to look like a beautiful rainbow in the end:

Raising Dragons

With activities like these, items you already have on-hand can turn into hours of playtime for your kids. Let the fun and games begin!