Love rosé? This company wants to pay you $10,000 and send you on a luxury trip to France


Drink a lot of rosé? Post a lot of Instagram photos? Have we got the job for you!

Wine company Rosé All Day is looking to hire a “rosé influencer” who wants to share their enthusiasm for pink bubbles all over their own social media account. To find this special someone, the company is staging an “influencer casting call” and, for the winner, the perks are pretty sweet.

In addition to $10,000 cash, the winner will be sent on a content-creating trip to France to stay at the company’s chateau. He or she will then be contracted to create one post per month for Rosé All Day for the subsequent year.

According to their website, the company sources its rosé from the coastal Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France, so it’s reasonable to assume the chateau may be located there. Though, frankly, a trip anywhere in France would be divine.

While anyone over the age of 21 from the continental United States can apply for the casting call, Rosé All Day is looking for a specific type of person — namely, someone who already loves rosé and, as an influencer, is comfortable sharing photos of their pets/travels/general lifestyle with the entire internet.

“Our goal here is not to make anyone work, but rather to find the perfect influencer who can synergize their already rosé-filled lifestyle to translate to gorgeous content,” reads the job description.

So, how do you apply? Between June 8, 2019 and Sept. 2, 2019, entrants should post rosé-related content to their Instagram feeds and hashtag it #RoseAllDay. “Bright, beautiful imagery” is requested and pictures of pets, friends or events like book clubs or b.ridal showers are all fair game.

According to the call, “Winners will be judged first on the quality of their content and captions, and second on the quantity.” In other words, the more frequently you post, the better — after all, it’s basically free advertising for them!

After Sept. 2, a panel of judges will choose five semifinalists, who will be announced on the Rosé All Day Instagram account. Those five semifinalists will then be asked to create one more Instagram post each, which will be judged in order to determine the winner.

If this sounds like a dream job for you, open some bottles of rosé (or make some frosé!) and start taking photos. May the best influencer win!

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