This Cocoon-Like Home Is The Chicest Tiny House You’ll Ever See


Going to be doing a lot of camping? Own a small plot of land? Looking for an affordable second home option? If the answers to any of these questions is “yes,” then the Lumishell could be for you.

Lumishell is a cocoon-like pre-fab home made from curved glass within aluminum frames. It allows you to take in all of the wonder of nature without giving up modern amenities.

Perhaps the coolest part about a Lumishell is that it can be assembled anywhere in just five days. Their website explains it is transportable by a truck or container and once you’ve arrived at your destination, assembly can begin.

The kidney bean-shaped structure has an open concept layout and many glass windows offering great views. It’s the most modern way to live and camp—this would be glamping at its finest, for sure!


So, how does the set-up process work exactly? The sides of the Lumishell are made out of aluminum panels that seem to pop into place. It requires a flat surface, but is self-supporting and does not need a foundation.


The reason why this could take up to five days to build likely has to do with the fact that the Lumishell has a functioning kitchen and bathroom, complete with a stand-up shower!

The kitchen and bedroom area are gorgeous:


And this bathroom’s no joke, either:


The living room? Breathtaking:


These homes are available for pre-order now with delivery slated to start in 2018, according to the Lumishell website. There’s no pricing information available online, but you can contact the company for more information.

Sure, if you aren’t looking to build a chic tiny home or go all-out when glamping, then purchasing your own Lumishell probably isn’t practical. But hey, maybe you’ll see listings for staying in one of these pop up on Airbnb in 2018. That’d be pretty cool!

If you’re looking for a modular, easy-to-set up concept that’s a little more traditional, these pop-up houses could be worth looking into. All you need is a battery powered drill to bring these homes to life.

These pop-up structures are too fascinating. We don’t know about you, but if we ever get the chance to spend the night in one — we’re taking it!

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