Man proposes to high school sweetheart 60 years later in viral video

Dr. Thomas McMeekin proposes to Nancy Gambell

The Big Romantic Gesture is alive and well. As a matter of fact, it can still be a thing well into your golden years, if you’re anything like Dr. Thomas McMeekin of Tampa, Florida. One of his patients (@jobuns_) captured the moment that McMeekin reunited with Nancy Gambell, his high school sweetheart at Tampa International Airport.

It had been 60 years since the pair first met, and as you can see, the doctor didn’t want to let another year go by without her as his wife.

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“You are the most incredible person I have ever met,” reads a kneeling McMeekin as an overwhelmed Gambell sobs. “Your beauty both inside and out has always captivated me.”

It doesn’t take long for McMeekin to join her in tears, breaking up as he asks, “Will you, Nancy, do me the honor of being my soulmate in life, my partner in every sense of the word.”

The video racked up 2.4 million views as of this week, and it’s the happy ending to a very long courtship. According to Fox 13, the pair started out pining for each other as high school students in Quincy, California. A few dates followed, but the pair ended up growing apart after attending different colleges. They both eventually married others and moved along their own separate paths.

That changed when a 50-year high school reunion brought them together again. And though both were still married to others at the time, there was undeniably a spark. They were both single again by the time McMeekin RSVP’ed to his 60th high school reunion, and Gambell let him know in a message that she “was really looking forward to seeing [him] again.” This time McMeekin didn’t waste any time making his feelings known.

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She flew from her home in California to see him in Tampa and found Thomas waiting with a necklace containing both of their birthstones. Oh, and also a proposal. She said yes, and the rest is viral, heartwarming history. The two have already been shopping for rings and are planning a California wedding.

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