This Hotel Room Is Floating In The Middle Of The Ocean

It might take a while to get room service, but you can't beat the view!

A vacation at an oceanfront hotel sounds pretty amazing, but how about a hotel that’s in the ocean? That’s right. At the Manta Resort, located on Pemba, a remote island off the eastern coast of Africa, you can stay in their “Underwater Room,” which is a floating structure with three levels, including one under the sea with panes of glass, offering spectacular views of ocean life.

It has to be seen to be believed, so check out this video of the stunning “floating hotel.”

Here’s a shot of the sleeping area, which offers pretty spectacular views of sea creatures.

The Manta Resort

And here’s a close-up of the exterior of the floating hotel room.

The Manta Resort

A unique experience like this doesn’t come cheap. According to their website, a stay in the Underwater Room will set you back $1,500 a night. That price is valid through February 28, 2018. Keep in mind that all rooms at the Manta Resort are “fully inclusive,” meaning all meals and alcoholic beverages are included with your stay. Also included are one spa treatment per person per day at the resort’s Kipepeo Spa, as well as the use of kayaks from the beach, laundry and WiFi internet in the main lounge area.

The Manta Resort

The resort is quick to warn that if you’re looking for your typical five-star luxury resort, you might want to look elsewhere—because the focus here is on serenity and nature. While it might not be your standard tropical vacation, your stay at the Manta Resort comes with the opportunity for plenty of adventure. Activities listed on their website include diving, snorkeling excursions and safaris.

The Manta Resort

The Manta Resort is not the only business to take the hospitality industry underwater. In Croatia, there is an underwater winery. In Dubai, you can live in some lavish underwater villas. Spain offers an underwater art museum that you have to scuba dive to get to. And if you want to capture everything you see in your underwater adventures, this case will turn your phone into an underwater camera for $100. Pretty cool!