Starbucks Debuts New Fall Drink

It’s barely fall, but pumpkin spice has already taken over our cookies, cerealcough drops (not kidding) and of course, our lattes. And while PS is the best part about fall for some of us, others would prefer to stick to non-pumpkin-flavored fall goodies.

Starbucks, whose pumpkin spice latte is arguably the first sign of fall, understands pumpkin everything might not be for everyone. This year, a second fall flavor has emerged to share the menu with the beloved PSL: the new Maple Pecan Latte.

Starbucks officially welcomed the drink on Twitter, ushering in the arrival of fall.

The coffeehouse chain says the newest drink is inspired by fall flavors and the changing leaves of the season. It is described as a “warming blend of signature espresso and steamed milk combined with notes of maple syrup and pecan, and finished with a colorful autumn topping.”

We’ll take seven.

“Our espresso shot is the core of our handcrafted beverages,” Debbie Antonio, from Starbucks beverage research and development team said in a press release. “The flavors of maple and pecan perfectly balance the inherent sweet and nutty flavors of espresso. The result is a smooth and well-rounded handcrafted beverage that customers can personalize to truly make theirs.”


As in seasons past, Starbucks’ fall drinks come in limited-edition colorful cups. This year’s colors are plum, teal and orange — very autumnal. Each drink will get a brightly-color cup with dots and hand-drawn designs including a pie, an owl and a pumpkin (duh!).

Non-Coffee Drinks For Fall Lovers

If icy cold beverages are more your speed, Starbucks also introduced a new Frappuccino to the menu: dark mocha. The dark mocha Frappuccino features extra dark cocoa and is already available in stores.

In May, Starbucks debuted the Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino, which also included extra dark cocoa in addition to mint.


Will This New Drink Win The Hearts Of PSL Lovers?

Regardless of new drinks, PSL lovers are likely not going anywhere. Thousands of Starbucks fans even tuned into a hilarious Facebook livestream, à la April the Giraffe, to see the company debut the PSL this year, which made its return on Sept. 5.

Will caffiene addicts love the maple latte as much as the PSL? Considering this is actually the second time a maple drink has been introduced by Starbucks (and that one didn’t do so well), only time will tell if our fall tastes have changed.

So far, reactions are mixed, with quite a few people who tried the maple pecan latte enjoying the new flavor.

One Twitter user didn’t even let 90-degree weather stop her from enjoying the fall drink.

Others, however, say it’s just not for them.

You can get both the pumpkin spice latte and the maple pecan latte at Starbucks locations nationwide and see for yourself!