One Of The Most Expensive RVs In The World Is So Fancy It Even Has Its Own Rooftop Patio

Now THIS is what we would call "glamping."

Plenty of companies have come up with ways to elevate your camping experience, but what if you’re looking for a glamorous road-trip experience? Well, this RV designer sets a new standard for on-the-road “glamping.”

Marchi Mobile‘s eleMMent Palazzo Superior is one of the most expensive and luxe RVs in the world. It has some very cool features, including its own rooftop terrace, or “sky lounge,” with an integrated staircase, plus lighting and a sound system.

Take a look at the video below to see this souped-up RV in action:

Doesn’t the view from the driver’s seat make it look like it’s about to take off? Some of the controls were inspired by the cockpits of jet airplanes, and the domed, helicopter-like windshield maximizes aerodynamics while you’re cruising to your next destination. (Monaco? Montana? Either way, no need for a hotel.)

The eleMMent Palazzo’s lounge area has an extendable sofa and a refrigerator and wine cabinet, but the kitchen has a refrigerator, too. Remember, you could be throwing a party on the rooftop deck that extends out of the top of the RV, so you’ll need plenty of space for cold drinks and food.

Provided by Marchi Mobile

Sometimes RVs have showers so tiny that you’re in trouble if you lift your elbows. Not this one. Wash your cares away in a spacious rainfall shower, in what Marchi Mobile calls not just a bathroom, but a spa area.

Provided by Marchi Mobile

After a long day of driving, you can catch up on your beauty sleep on a king-size bed.

Provided by Marchi Mobile

Ready to hit the road in this RV? The starting price on the eleMMent Palazzo Superior is $2.41 million. The baseline cost makes the Palazzo one of the most expensive RVs around, and that’s before add-ons and upgrades.

Marchi Mobile

However, the shade zones in the cockpit, which change the ambiance at the push of a button, are already included, as is the sun canopy on the rooftop lounge. Camping in comfort matters!

Provided by Marchi Mobile

Sure, it’s expensive, but fortunately, dreaming about summer camping trips that look like this is free.