McDonald’s Is Giving Away A Diamond-Encrusted ‘Bling Mac’ Ring For Valentine’s Day

When you order a Big Mac at McDonald’s, the only thing on your mind is whether you want fries with that (the answer is yes, duh), and if you’re in more of a Coke or Sprite mood. But what if you could get a side of bling with your Big Mac? Well, McDonald’s is giving away a very special gift this Valentine’s Day: the Bling Mac. No, it’s not a special burger — it’s an 18K gold, stackable ring with seven individual tiers of diamonds and gems.

Woah. It’s quite a sight to behold. Check it out:

This baby is worth a whopping $12,500 and was created by New York-based jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn. The Bling Mac features rows of champagne diamonds, orange sapphires, and additional diamonds and sapphires, all crafted into the shape of a big, juicy burger.

So, wondering how you can be the one to slip it on your finger for free (or perhaps present it to a loved one)? All you have to do is tweet “vows of love” to Big Mac, tagging your ode with the hashtag #BlingMacContest. No purchase is necessary, but I recommend noshing on your muse as you compose your declaration of love.

Submissions close at 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 14. The funniest and most creative vows will win their author this bling-tastic ring. Here’s all the fine print of the official rules. In addition to the ring itself, the winner will also receive a check for $4,286 to offset the cost of taxes on the prize. How thoughtful!

McDonald’s is not the only fast food chain to offer extravagant prizes in honor of Valentine’s Day this year. Dunkin’ Donuts is holding the #DDLove Contest until Feb. 15, and the winner will receive a free trip to any U.S. city that has a Dunkin’ Donuts location (including Hawaii!).

Contestants must post to Instagram about how their friendship or relationship “runs on Dunkin’.” Posts should include a photo and the hashtag #DDLoveContest.

For those who don’t need a fancy ring or a big trip to show their love, a number of fast food joints and restaurants are offering special deals for Valentine’s Day, including a romantic tableside service dinner at White Castle. Sometimes simpler is better, after all.

Happy Valentine’s Day!