You can get McDonald’s nail polish with this new collaboration

A woman holds a McDonad's-themed french tip press on nail set, A person holds a red nail polish kit with McDonald's themed stickers, and a person holds a McDonald's themed golde heart nail polish topper.
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McDonald’s has announced a new collaboration with nail care company Nails Inc. And no, that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting nail polish in your Happy Meal. But you can go to Target or Amazon and buy McDonald’s-themed colors and stickers to decorate your nails!

The new Nails.INC x McDonald’s collaboration includes a nail polish duo, a mini nail polish duo, a set of press on nails and a gold hearts topper polish. You can buy them at Target (in stores and online) in March, but if you just can’t wait, they’re at Amazon and the Nails.INC site right now.

Nails.INC x McDonald’s Fries Nail Polish and Sticker Set

McDonalds nail polish

$9 at Nails.INC

The Nails.INC X McDonald’s Fries Nail Polish and Sticker Set includes red polish called “Gotta Ketchup” and stickers in the shapes of burgers, fries and the brand’s signature Golden Arches. The packaging looks like a box of fries, and the price is $9.

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Nails.INC x McDonald’s Burger Mini Nail Polish and Sticker Duo

$9 at Amazon

The Nails.INC X McDonald’s Burger Mini Nail Polish and Sticker Duo offers up two miniature bottles of polish in red (“Gotta Ketchup”) and brown (“Big Mac Please”). You’ll also get the same pack of McDonald’s-themed stickers in the first set. This kit comes in an adorable Big Mac-shaped package and costs only $9.

Nails.INC x McDonald’s I Speak French Press On Nails

$7 at Amazon

Press on nails are all the rage right now and are perfectly safe if you apply them correctly. The Nails.INC X McDonald’s I Speak French Press On Nails come with 30 medium almond-shaped press on nails in a neutral shade along with a package of French fries stickers.

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Nails.INC x McDonald’s I’m Lovin It Gold Heart Nail Topper

McDonalds nail polish

$9 at Amazon

The Nails.INC X McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It Gold Heart Nail Topper is the least overtly fast food-related item in the collaboration. It’s a clear top polish with gold hearts that are meant to evoke the McDonald’s tagline, “I’m lovin’ it.” This is a nail polish coat that you apply over your regular polish. Naturally, Nails.INC recommends its Gotta Ketchup red polish to go under the topper.

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