These Are the 10 Best Cities for Foodies to Visit (And What To Do In Each!)

Food and travel always go hand in hand. After all, don’t we all like to eat and drink well — and post pictures of the evidence — while we’re on vacation?

Recent trends prove that foodie adventures are among the most popular activities when it comes to bookable travel experiences. Last year, spending in this category increased by 61 percent from 2016.

If you’re still planning your summer trips, check out this scrumptious round-up of the most popular foodie cities in the world. Our friends at TripAdvisor ranked these delicious food destinations (as well as the best food experiences in each one) using a proprietary algorithm that takes into account bookings, traveler reviews and traveler ratings.

Ready to book a flight? Find your next foodie destination below!

1. Rome, Italy

Ask anyone what their favorite food is and chances are they’ll say pizza or pasta, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rome comes in at number one on this list! The top food tour in Rome is the Rome Food Tour by Sunset around Prati District.

During this walking tour, guests expand their knowledge of Italian cuisine by avoiding the common tourist spots and instead exploring the traditional neighborhood of Prati while sampling 20 local favorites. Think truffles, pizzas, wine, cured meats, cheeses and more!

pizza rome photo
Flickr | kyle tsui

2. Florence, Italy

Next up is another prime Italian destination: Florence. While it’s most known for being the “cradle of the Renaissance” thanks to its countless monuments, churches and buildings, the food scene is pretty incredible, too.

The tour to take? The Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class. Held at a rustic farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside, guests have the chance to brush up on their cooking skills during this Italian cooking class. In addition to cooking and eating the food, you will learn all about the rich history of pizza and gelato before heading back to Florence.


 3. Paris, France

The City of Light, known for the iconic Eiffel Tower and being one of the most romantic places on earth, is also a city that takes its food seriously. In between visiting cathedrals and people-watching at cafes, tourists should check out the Paris Food Tour: Taste of Montmartre.

While touring this charming neighborhood, guests will be tasting all that makes Paris so magnifique! We’re talking croissants and éclairs, cheeses at a fromagerie, chocolates and of course, you’ll stop at a boulangerie to learn the proper way to eat a baguette.

baguettes photo
Getty Images | Lior Mizrahi

4. Barcelona, Spain

For a truly authentic taste of Spanish food, head to Barcelona. This city is full of lively tapas bars, markets and al fresco dining. With the Interactive Spanish Cooking Experience, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from a Barcelona chef how to make tapas, traditional paella and sangria — and you can take the recipes home with you once your dream vacation is over. Prior to cooking, you’ll explore St. Josep La Boqueria market, one of the most famous markets in Spain, to buy all the fresh seafood and produce for your night!

paella photo
Getty Images | Carl Court

5. New Orleans, Lousiana

If you haven’t been to NOLA, you’re missing out on some of the most indulgent, decadent food around — not to mention a world-class partying scene! Visitors looking to get a taste of what this historic destination is all about should jump on the NOLA Food Walking Tour of the French Quarter. Along with tasting all the most popular cocktails and bites such as seafood gumbo, muffuletta, jambalaya and boudin beignets, you’ll also learn about the stories behind these famed NOLA foods.


6. Brooklyn, New York

If you don’t know about Brooklyn, it’s time to find out! From trendy Williamsburg to historic Park Slope, this New York City borough is home to a melting pot of cultures that include the Hasidic Jewish, Italian and Polish communities, which means plenty of authentic, delicious cuisine you need to try.

Check out the Best of Brooklyn Half-Day Food and Culture Tour to taste the best food this city has to offer. Get ready for Neapolitan-style pizza, pierogi and treats from the famed Jacques Torres Chocolate while exploring Manhattan’s eclectic neighbor.

perogies photo
Flickr | elsie.hui

7. Venice, Italy

First-time visitors may get overwhelmed by Venice’s incredible food scene, so why not take the Venice Food Tour: Cicchetti and Wine? This tour will introduce you to fish markets, famed watering holes and the Cannaregio neighborhood, home of the spicy fried meatball. Avoid the tourist traps with this walking tour, and eat your way through the area’s most popular cicchetti bars, best known for their Venetian-style tapas such as seafood topped-polenta and marinated olives.

tapas olives photo
Flickr | Charles Haynes

8. Madrid, Spain

With nightlife, dining, bars, shopping and rich culture, Madrid has it all. Tourists looking to dive into the Spanish culinary scene should sign up for the Madrid Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour where they’ll have the chance to taste 10 regional specialties including Iberian ham, chickpea stew and salted cod. Of course, there will be plenty of Spanish wine to wash it all down.

tapas madrid photo
Getty Images | Jasper Juinen

9. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a bustling city that boasts not only an exciting food scene but also a rich culture full of history and innovation. Adventurous foodies will enjoy the Tokyo By Night: Japanese Food Tour which features samplings from popular bars and restaurants serving things like succulently grilled meat skewers, sweet cakes, yakitori and sake. And don’t worry, you’ll have an English-speaking guide to help you learn about what you’re eating and seeing.


10. Bangkok, Thailand

Feast royally while on the Bangkok Food Tour in Thailand. The local cuisine in Bangkok offers a vast range of flavors and spices that will leave you with delicious memories of this exciting country.

After visiting ornate temples and busy markets, guests will explore the food scene in the Bang Rak district. From dishes like curry puffs, exotic fruits, larb (a minced meat salad), papaya salad, pad Thai and more, you’ll get a little taste of everything on this tour.

pad thai photo
Flickr | Steve Snodgrass
So, where will you go next?

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