Your New Favorite Creepy DIY Project: Doll Head Planters

Remember that scene in “Toy Story” when you first see Babyface, the doll head spider, and you thought, “Oh no I hate that!” But then a few more minutes went by and your tune changed to, “Actually, it’s kind of cute and I wouldn’t mind having one of those.”

We’re happy to say that your creepy doll decor dreams can come true with some old dolls and garden supplies you probably already have.

Planters made from doll heads, like these below from Instagram user @lllilllstitches, are all the rage on social media right now.

Wanna make you own? Start with some dolls that no one plays with anymore. Definitely don’t go rob your kids’ toy chest. Plastic dolls are easier to assemble, but porcelain dolls can also work.

Step 1:

DIY Network says to start by removing the head from your doll using a rotary tool or any other tool with a sharp blade. You can also choose to leave the head attached and make the entire doll part of your planter.

Step 2:

Follow The Carnivore Girl’s advice and take a box cutter to the top of the doll’s head to make enough room for the plant (head over to the blog for even more great information on this DIY project!).

The Carnivore Girl

Step 3:

At this point you can decide if you want to put the doll head in a vase to display or if you want it free standing. If you want it free standing, The Carnivore Girl recommends stuffing the neck hole with some moss to keep the soil from coming out.

Step 4:

Add some soil, a plant and you’re done!

Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

Instagram user @shezyg shows us how to make pretty succulent planters with an array of different kinds of dolls (and even a troll!)

They’re like potato chips—you can’t have just one! Instagram user @luvitdecor basically has a small garden made of dolls.

This one from @luvitdecor almost looks like it was always meant to be a succulent planter.

A little southwest flair for these guys from @mother_sin_. Is it the neck tilt that makes it creepier? Or is it the bright red gloss?

It’s almost guaranteed that you have one of these troll dolls sitting around your house. Why not turn one into a cute (funny?) planter like @janeycakesworld did!

Cutting into a doll head not your speed? Use the tummy instead like @pilferedcasketwares did!

Don’t forget to keep your plants and doll heads happy with plenty of water.

Happy creepy crafting!


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