Ninja blenders let you create healthy meals in minutes

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Even if you have a strong desire to eat healthy, it can be hard to find time to prepare a nutritious meal, especially on busy weeknights. Having the right tools on hand can significantly reduce your prep time in the kitchen, though, allowing you to cook a delicious and healthy dish in short order — instead of ordering more takeout or popping a frozen meal in the microwave.

If you already have a Ninja blender sitting on your kitchen counter for smoothies and frozen cocktails, you’re in luck. These top-notch appliances are perhaps best known for creating creamy fruit and veggie smoothies and efficiently pulverizing ice for cocktails and mocktails, but they can make your dinner prep a snap, too — all without dragging your food processor out of the cabinet.

Home cooks can conjure up fresh salsa, tasty sauces and flavorful soups with a Ninja blender, and you can even use these handy appliances to easily make certain staples if you run out or just want to try a fresher version than what’s available at the grocery store. Did you know you can whip up your own mayonnaise or hummus in a blender in mere minutes, and at a fraction of the cost? Once you start thinking beyond smoothies and cocktails, you’ll find yourself blending up all kinds of creations in your Ninja blender.

Fruit and veggies in cup ready for blender

So, why are Ninja blenders a preferred choice, anyway? All of the blenders in Ninja’s lineup are designed to be powerful, durable and reliable. They’re also super easy to use and a breeze to clean, whether you’re making a large pitcher of frozen cocktails for a crowd or blending up a single serving of a healthy smoothie for yourself.

Each Ninja blender begins with a base, which contains a powerful electric motor and a set of controls. Sitting on top of the base is a serving pitcher, personal-sized cup or food processor bowl. Some Ninja blenders come with a pitcher that’s equipped with a set of sharp metal blades on the bottom, while others have a stem running up through the pitcher with blades throughout. In all models, the blades make quick work of turning solids into smooth, creamy liquids. The countertop blender features a lid that keeps all of the ingredients from spilling out during the blending process.

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Ninja Foodi Nonstick Cold & Hot Blender, 1500-Watt


This Ninja blender is ideal for families, as it comes with a 64-ounce non-stick glass pitcher. The blades do an excellent job of pulverizing ice for cocktails and smoothies, while the included heating element lets home cooks create hot sauces or infuse soups for dinner.

This blender does quite a bit, and it has a control panel to match. If you are looking for a simpler blender, there are other excellent options.

Ninja Professional Blender With Cups, 1100-Watt


With this Ninja blender, you’ll be able to create a personal-sized smoothie for yourself, a pitcher of margaritas for a few friends, or make snow cones for the kids in their own cups. The control panel is easy to use and the pitcher is dishwasher safe for quick clean up. For home cooks, the only downside to this model is that it isn’t designed for use with hot soups and purees, just cold and frozen beverages.

Ninja Auto-iQ Personal Blender, 1000-Watt


If you’re looking for a blender that doesn’t take up much space and works well for individuals and couples, this model is an excellent choice. It comes with 18- and 24-ounce containers that double as serving cups. Simply create your fresh juice or smoothie and attach the portable lid and you’re good to go.

Ninja Auto-iQ Mega Kitchen System, 1500-Watt


You’ll get all the bells and whistles when you opt for this Ninja blender. It allows for making individual drinks, soups for the family and even cookie dough for baking treats for coworkers (thanks to the food processor bowl attachment). The unit does come with a lot of parts, so you’ll need to make sure you have some extra storage space in your kitchen or pantry.

How To Use Your Ninja Blender

Ready to get started with your Ninja blender? You’ll want to make sure the lid is firmly in place. If you’re creating a hot soup, remove the center vent cover from the lid after blending has finished. This allows the hot steam to escape safely before you serve the soup.

Families who enjoy a morning or afternoon smoothie can blend just about any fruit with a cup of yogurt for a tasty treat. A few additional ingredients to consider adding to your Ninja include coconut water, almond milk, a splash of pineapple juice, a spoonful of honey and even a few spinach leaves.