One mom’s funny trick to help her baby get to sleep is going viral

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Every parent knows the difficulty of dealing with a baby who won’t sleep through the night. Soothing mechanisms like the pacifier can be a good solution for restless babes, but what happens when the pacifier falls to the floor? Enter mom genius Laura Gerson.

Gerson’s daughter Amelia loved falling asleep with her pacifier, but when it would eventually fall out of her mouth, the little girl would struggle to find it. Gerson says she spent one whole night fussing and crying because the pacifier had rolled into the corner of the crib. Rather than endure sleepless nights in which she went back and forth to Amelia’s room to retrieve her misplaced pacifier, Gerson came up with a simple solution: She put ten pacifiers in the crib with her little girl, each strategically placed throughout the crib, so that no matter where the baby rolled during the night, a replacement would never be far away.

Mama Gerson, who hails from Canvey in Essex, England, posted this bedtime hack to the Motherload Facebook community page, where it quickly gained steam and applause from equally tired and frustrated moms.

Others said they tried similar tactics with their own babies, with one mom chiming in to say, “We did this! You can buy glow in the dark ones- we got loads!!!”

Glow-in-the-dark pacifiers! That’s genius. It’s the little things that make mommyhood so much simpler, isn’t it? (You can find glow-in-the-dark pacifiers on Amazon; this option from MAM has rave reviews.)


However, Gerson did mention a bit of fear regarding what will happen when Amelia starts to outgrow her pacifiers, saying “I don’t even wanna think about the time when the “Dummy Fairy” comes to take them away though.”

Sigh. Just when you figure out one hurdle, another appears to knock you on your butt. Am I right? That’s parenting for you.