Parents have delightful reaction as daughter gives them Christmas gifts they’d wanted as kids

Abigail Oviedo's parents open the Christmas gifts they wanted as children

We all love watching children open their Christmas gifts, and it can be easy for Moms and Dads to start believing that the holidays are really just for the kids. But every once in awhile, grateful children can turn the tables.

In a video posted to her TikTok, Abigail Oviedo (@abby69oviedo) gets a priceless reaction out of her parents as they unwrap the toys that they always wanted as little kids.

@abby69oviedo giving them what they thought they could never have🥺 my mom’s smile is so beautiful🎄 #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen #christmas #parents #gift #presents #present #santa #love ♬ Flowers Christian Basso – lin Music🌷

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As the wrapping paper comes off, you can see Marisol and Samuel Oviedo’s inner children emerge, along with a lot of joyful tears. “My mom’s smile is so beautiful,” daughter Abigail says in the video description, but her dad is also clearly overwhelmed, holding his eyes and reeling in his chair. The video quickly went viral and now has 3.1 million views and counting, along with precious comments from fans of Abigail’s perfect gesture.

Watching that little boy and girl inside be healed 🥰” says @erinfinally2019, while @holleymorris50 cheers, “And that’s when you know you have raised amazing children ! 🥰

The gifts that inspired such a tear-jerking response? An Easy-Bake Oven for her mom and a toy Coca-Cola semi truck for Dad, according to Abigail.

ABC News spoke to the newly crowned daughter of the year about the video, and she revealed that she got the idea after listening to her parents reminisce about their childhoods. Dad in particular remembered watching other kids play with the truck that he never received, and Abby decided to make up for Christmases past.

“All I was thinking was that it was their turn to feel that childlike joy,” she told ABC news.

Mission accomplished!

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