People are painting chinoiserie-inspired pumpkins for a pretty take on Halloween decor

There are so many fun and clever ways to decorate Halloween pumpkins. There’s always the classic jack-o’-lantern. Or you can opt to go artsy and do up glitter pumpkins or melted crayon pumpkins. There have even been pumpkins carved in the shape of a dog’s face (a.k.a. dog-o’-lanterns). But for our money, there’s no pumpkin-decorating trend that is classier or chicer than chinoiserie.

Chinoiserie is a classic style of design in which Chinese-inspired motifs and techniques are used in Western art. The style first came into vogue in the 17th and 18th centuries, when European nobles became obsessed with these Asian motifs and wanted to use them in their own fashion, art and architecture.

And now, this obsession even extends to…Halloween pumpkins. Check out this example from Instagram user @prissandpomp:

Or this one from @stonegableblog:

How do you make a chinoiserie pumpkin? First, you need to either buy white pumpkins or paint your pumpkins white, as chinoiserie typically involves blue-and-white color schemes. Before you go shopping, though, it should be noted that while you can opt for either real pumpkins or plastic ones, plastic will last longer and can be used again season after season.

DIY-ing Your Pumpkin

There are several tutorials you can check out if you’re going the DIY route. At ShabbyFuFu, Janet creates beautiful chinoiserie pumpkins by utilizing a decoupage method. She uses plastic pumpkins, napkins with a chinoiserie design, glue, and a paper plate. This is an inexpensive and simple way to create a chinoiserie-inspired pumpkin, and it’s simple enough that even older children can help with the process.

Shabby FuFu

You can also glue chinoiserie-inspired gift wrap onto pumpkins, such as in this video tutorial from IslandGirlLifestyle. Paint the stems gold or sivler for an extra-luxurious touch.

Or look to Martha Stewart, who suggests using stencils, craft paint and a stencil brush. You can buy Martha Stewart Crafts® Adhesive Laser-Cut Layering Stencils in Chinoiserie at Michaels for just $9.99.


Ready-Made Chinoiserie Pumpkins

Not feeling crafty? You can purchase a pre-made chinoiserie pumpkin from various Etsy stores, such as ThePermanentGarden or MimisSouthernSeasons.


What do you think of this chic Halloween look?