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Pickle Sliders Are Just What You Need For Summer BBQs

Check out these perfect pickle sliders!

There’s nothing like a delicious pickle! I’m always interested to find a new way to add more pickles into my diet. I’ll eat them fried, have them on the side or as a soup—why not?

But, this recipe for pickle sliders is definitely the one I’ve been searching for my whole life.

There’s nothing quite like a burger fresh off the grill, topped with cheese, mustard, ketchup and pickle slices, of course.

But, this bun-less recipe puts the focus of the meal on the salty, juicy pickles—where it rightfully belongs, if you ask me!

Plus, these make great snack options for the Fourth of July or any backyard shindig this summer. Also, they’re really simple to make.

Delish fills you in on how to create the world’s tiniest patties so that the pickle slices are the perfect size to replace a traditional bun.

And, you don’t have to mess with condiments in this recipe. They’ve incorporated the mustard and ketchup right into the meat mixture.

How To Make Pickle Sliders

According to the recipe, you’ll combine ground beef, bread crumbs, an egg, mustard, ketchup and garlic powder to create the patties.

Once you cook them to your liking, top with cheese, a small tomato slice and a bit of lettuce.

Then, wedge all of that in between two pickle slices, and there you have it—the most delightful pickle treat.

If you’re like me then you may wonder where these have been all of your life. But you’re also probably relishing (pun intended!) the fact that there are so many possibilities out there!

For example, you could also re-create a bunless Chick-Fil-A sandwich by wedging fried chicken between two pickles or create a Cuban-style version using pork.


Mmm. I’m excited just thinking about it.

Reaching for a jar of pickles right about now? I can’t say I blame you.

Interested in testing out other unique slider recipes this summer? Give this waffle fry version a try, too.

Fire up that grill because you’ve got some small patties to cook!