Pillsbury is making Lucky Charms cookie dough

If a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal is how you like to start your day and you just can’t get enough of those little marshmallows, there’s a new treat on store shelves you’re sure to love. Say hello to Lucky Charms cookie dough!

You can grab this 14-ounce pack of cookie dough for just $2.50 at Walmart. According to the packaging, it makes 12 “big” cookies. Whether you intend to use it for snacking in the middle of the day, an after-dinner treat or (we won’t tell!) breakfast, that seems like a decent amount — though maybe it’s safest to buy two packs instead?

As for what it tastes like, I’m going to guess this dough will result in your traditional sugar cookie, with a bit of “magically delicious” flavor sprinkled in!

Could you technically do the same thing by just adding some Lucky Charm marshmallows to homemade sugar cookie dough? Yes, but why make it harder on yourself when you can just get premade dough with the stars, rainbows, hearts and other marshmallows already mixed in?

The cookie dough is limited edition, however, so if they quickly become a new favorite, you might want to at least practice making them yourself. This recipe from Eat. Drink. Love. calls for using Lucky Charms cereal in the batter, plus white chocolate chips and, of course, the marshmallows.

If you’d rather make some Lucky Charms goodies that aren’t cookies, check out these recipes for marshmallow treats, cupcakes and even a cake covered in the marshmallows.

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To make baking any of these treats even easier, you can actually buy a bag of just Lucky Charms marshmallows for your kitchen pantry so you don’t even have to pick out the cereal! A 7-ounce bag costs around $1.50 and you can find them in stores nationwide.

They’re a bit different from the marshmallows in the cereal, however, as they are more marshmallow-like than crunchy. Still, any kind of marshmallow would make for a delicious treat, right?

Lucky Charms posted about the bagged marshmallows on Instagram, showing that the bag is filled with all the designs you already know and love, like a four-leaf clover, star, heart and moon:


Will you be trying Pillsbury’s new Lucky Charms cookies or making any Lucky Charms-inspired desserts at home?