Lucky Charms Cake Is The Perfect Colorful Treat For St. Patrick’s Day

The best part of St. Patrick’s Day may be the obvious excuse to drink all day, but after that? Getting to eat treats dyed green and shaped like shamrocks … to help soak up the alcohol, of course.

If you’re already preparing your Irish-themed menu but haven’t gotten to the dessert yet, you can stop searching. I have found the ultimate treat: Lucky Charms cake! Not only is the cake itself green, but the entire dessert is coated in glorious Lucky Charms marshmallows.

The recipe comes from Betty Crocker and looks so easy. It requires only seven ingredients and 15 minutes of prep time. Though, if you do plan on drinking beforehand, it might be best to make it the day before. Just sayin’.


All you need is a box of Betty Crocker Super Moist white cake mix (and eggs, water and oil), along with green food coloring, vanilla frosting and a box of Lucky Charms cereal. You’ll divide the cake between two pans, so you end up with two layers and vanilla frosting in the middle.

After frosting the entire cake, just pick the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms and place them in neat rows on top of and around the entire cake. Honestly, it looks so pretty, I would be half-tempted to not want to eat it.  I said, half-tempted.

Of course, the dessert is also perfect as a special treat for kids or to bring to a St. Patty’s Day party. But if you’re looking for something smaller than a full-blown cake, take a look at these fun Lucky Charms marshmallow treats. These Leprechaun Treasure cupcakes with Lucky Charms on top and inside are also a delicious and fun option for the holiday.

Lastly, because it just wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day story unless I gave you some cocktail recipes, here are six drinks you should also add to your menu. Cheers!


This dessert would also go perfectly with a big glass of that new Lucky Charms-flavored beer!

Will you whip up one of these festive, green-colored desserts for St. Patrick’s Day this year?