Pioneer Woman has a peel and stick wallpaper line

If you’re a fan of Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, there’s a brand new product that will add a whole lot of her style to your home.

Available exclusively on, Drummond’s first-ever collection of Pioneer Woman wallpaper features eight designs of DIY peel-and-stick wallpapers in her signature patterns and prints.

The collection features patterns that are reminiscent of vintage decor, but with a colorful, modern twist. Prices range from $25-$35 for one- or two-panel designs. All measure 18 inches x 18.86 feet. Because they’re peel-and-stick, you can change them as often as you’d like or mix and match them to create different styles.

The wallpapers are safe for painted walls. You can also use them for DIY decorating projects on any smooth, flat surface, including furniture, staircases, accessories and more. There is no paste or water required and the adhesive leaves no sticky residue on surfaces.

If you like floral prints, you’ll find five styles bursting with beautiful flowers, including Pretty Posey, Fancy Flourish, and Blue Heritage Floral. If patterns are more your thing, you’ll find three other designs including Charming Check and Washy Trellis, which is aqua-colored. It will add a pop of color to whichever room you choose.

If covering your walls with her signature pattern isn’t enough for you, Walmart has an entire Pioneer Woman collection. It includes everything from kitchen appliances (including an Instant Pot) to dishes, cookware and bedding.

The latest addition is a Timeless Beauty collection that was just added in February. The gorgeous line includes plates, sugar bowls, cake stands and more, all in a jade color that was popular in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.

Drummond also has some prepared foods and frozen foods at Walmart, plus a line of ranch dressings, BBQ sauces and pasta sauces. And if you have dogs, you can even find Pioneer Woman treats for them!

Are you a fan of The Pioneer Woman? If so, you’ve got some shopping to do.