These gorgeous plant-inspired tattoos will help you feel connected to nature

Considering the permanence of tattoos, it can take a while to decide what you want inked on your skin for the rest of eternity. What will your tattoo say about you? Will it be a tribute to someone you care about? Will it reveal to others your No. 1 passion? Will it speak to the depths of your soul?

But not every tattoo communicates something profound. In some cases, tattoos merely turn skin into canvas, bodies into works of art. Or at least that’s how it seems to us whenever we spot floral tattoos out in the wild. We think the following plant-inspired tattoos are particularly gorgeous.

Like this upper arm tattoo posted to Instagram by tattoo artist D’Lacie Jeanne, who seems to have made plant-based tattoos her specialty (though we cringe imagining how it must have felt to be tattooed in the armpit area):

Or this tiny, behind-the-ear tattoo posted by Melbourne-based tattoo practitioner Daniele Lugli, whose bio says she specializes in “botanical art on skin.” This itsy-bitsy lavender is so sweet!

This botanical tattoo posted to Instagram by user @Blackbotanists isn’t colored in, but we dig the effect. It reminds us of stained glass:

Here’s another one that isn’t any less impactful for its lack of color, posted to Instagram by tattoo artist Wade Sewell:

And Instagram user @chenjie.newtattoo is known for his nature-inspired artistry. It’s impossible to pick just one favorite, so we’ll share two — this stunning shoulder tattoo of camellias:

… and this foot tattoo of an olive leaf:

For those who go gaga over tattoos like these, but who just can’t bring themselves to get permanently branded with any one image, there is another way. Botanical tattoo artist Pis Saro shared an image of her handiwork, but then mentioned in the post that she also sells temporary tattoos:

Etsy is rife with temporary tattoos of the floral variety, like these mini pastel flowers from Paperself:


Or this more dramatic watercolor bouquet from SupperbTattoos:


And of course there’s Tattoorary, an online shop devoted entirely to temporary tattoos like the one below:


Are you tempted to get one of your own?