Pop-Tarts releasing two dessert-inspired flavors

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It’s no secret that breakfast can oftentimes seem more like dessert. Between pancakes with whipped cream, waffles with ice cream, doughnuts and sugar cereals, can we really say that most breakfasts are the best way to start our day? Still, while I can’t say for sure when breakfast got so decadent, I’m definitely not mad.

If you’re looking to up the sweetness in your breakfast routine, Pop-Tarts is releasing two flavors that are definitely more dessert than breakfast. Hitting store shelves this June, you’ll now be able to get your Pop-Tarts in both frosted chocolate cupcake flavor and frosted confetti cupcake!


Frosted confetti cupcake Pop-Tarts are technically not new, but they were last on shelves in 2017 and are the second-most requested flavor to return to the Pop-Tart flavor lineup. Frosted chocolate cupcake is new, and not only is the crust chocolate, but the frosting is as well, and the filling looks to be cream.

“At Pop-Tarts, we love to give fans the flavors they love most, and our research shows that over 50 percent of our fans eat Pop-Tarts as a snack,” Joe Beauprez, director of marketing for Pop-Tarts, said in a press release. “We reimagined the classic dessert in Pop-Tart form, giving our devoted fans more opportunity to enjoy this delicious, sweet treat any time of the day.”


Dessert flavors are not new to Pop-Tarts, which also offer chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies & cream, hot fudge sundae and more in their signature breakfast cakes. They have also offered seasonal flavors in the past, like cinnamon roll last fall, which you can still find in stores.

If you’d rather try your hand at making your own Pop-Tarts, these recipes for strawberry and s’more Pop-Tart pies can easily take an even more dessert-like route and turn into cupcake flavors.

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Pop-Tarts Cupcake flavors will be available nationwide starting in June 2019 with a suggested retail price of $2.09 per package. Which flavor are you most excited to try?

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