Why President Obama Was A Groomsman In This Man’s Wedding

This must be one special couple!

Because nothing in life is fair, President Obama agreed to be a groomsman at his aide’s wedding earlier this month. Meanwhile, your groomsmen were the college buddies of your husband’s whose names you occasionally forget. Ah, well. We can live vicariously through this story.

Longtime Obama aid Marvin Nicholson asked the president to be a groomsman as he married Helen Pajcic in a private residence near the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida.

And did we mention Secretary of State John Kerry was the officiant for the ceremony?

Unfortunately Michelle was not in attendance. For that matter, neither were the first dogs, both of whom would have made excellent ring bearers or flower dogs (a personal dream of mine)—though the kids in charge of rings and flowers were both quite cute and presumably did an admirable job.

The bride and groom both have deep ties to the Obama administration and worked together on his 2008 presidential campaign. Nicholson, the groom, is the White House trip director and personal aide to Obama.

Additionally, before his tenure with Obama, Nicholson was Kerry’s personal aide during his 2004 attempt as the Democratic presidential nominee.

And according to the Washington Post, Pajcic, the bride, works on policy for the U.S. Department of Education.

Pajcic’s father is the well-known Jacksonville attorney and politician Steve Pajcic—who has fundraised for Obama and other prominent Democrats.

Overall, the black-tie wedding sounds simply… presidential. The nuptials also probably resulted in some major jealousy for the guests.

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The evening only could have been improved if Vice President Joe Biden had made an appearance, but that’s a little too much to ask for.

The couple were married against a backdrop of beautiful winter flowers.

You can see more pictures of the magical event from wedding planner Lorna Meehan of Amelia Weddings & Events, shared on the WJXT4 Facebook page.