13 Great Reasons Why Being Short Is Actually The Best Thing Ever

Let’s face it, short people sometimes get a bad rep. Those lacking in the height department will probably always have to deal with life challenges such as looking younger than we actually are and not being able to reach things that are high up, but that’s okay, because short is the new tall. (Or so we like to think.)

Being short can actually be a blessing, and in some cases, make life a little easier. Let’s examine the evidence:

1. We’re Always Front and Center

There’s no denying that short people thrive in group photos. In order to be seen, we have to be in the front row, flashing our pearly whites and short stature like pros.

2. We Always Have Leg Room

Long flights and road trips aren’t as problematic for us because thanks to our shorter height, we’ll always have enough room.

3. Our Bodies Completely Fit Under A Blanket

When we’re getting cozy on the couch, it’s easier for us to get warm because we can comfortably fit inside one blanket, head to toe. No socks needed.

4. We’ve Never Hit Our Heads on The Ceiling

We never have to crouch to walk into a room with low ceilings and can pretty much just ignore those ‘Watch Your Head’ signs.

5. We’ve Learned How To Get Creative With Our Wardrobe

Whether we’re hemming a pair of pants or shopping in the kids section, we’ve had to become more creative with our wardrobes, which honestly does wonders for our style.

6. Our Height Helps In Certain Games and Contests

Being short has its advantages in certain sports and games such as hide and seek and limbo. Taller people don’t have a chance against us shorties.

7. We Can Fit More Clothes In A Load Of Laundry

Being shorter = shorter clothes = more laundry per load. It’s simple math.

8. Heels Are Our Best Friend

If we want to look taller, all we have to do is strap on a pair of heels. And chances are, they’ll make our legs look great.

9. We’re Pros At Concerts and Festivals

Between being able to masterfully navigate through a tight crowd of people and getting taller people to let us in front of them (or even better – on their shoulders). Having a short person with you at a concert or festival can be beneficial for the whole group.

10. We’ve Found The Fountain Of Youth

In addition to sometimes shopping in the children’s section, our heights will always make us look younger. And I don’t care what anybody says, being carded forever is definitely a good thing.

11. It’s Actually Healthier To Be Short

Being short comes with a heap of health benefits, such as a longer life expectancy and lower risk of cancer.

12. Our Feet Have Never Fallen Off The Bed

Being short means being able to sleep in beds of any size, without having to worry about being too tall for them.

13. You’ll Never Be Taller Than Your Date

This one is especially for the ladies. Not having to worry about if we can wear heels while we’re with a date is honestly so relieving.