Rock Star Mom Pumps Breast Milk While Running Marathon

When Anna Young ran a half-marathon two weeks ago, she probably wasn’t expecting to become a viral sensation. But that’s exactly what she became. The new mom wowed onlookers (and the internet in general) when she whipped out a hand-pump and expressed breast milk mid-run. Yep, that’s right—nothing can stop a breastfeeding mama!

As if running a marathon when you are five months postpartum isn’t awesome enough, Young upped the ante by actually pumping in mile 8 of the marathon—proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one is fiercer than a new mama.


Young says that breastfeeding support organization La Leche League helped motivate her to complete the marathon all while staying true to her breastfeeding goals, and she is being lauded as a positive example for all breastfeeding moms. And, in case it’s not clear—yes, she pumped WHILE running. (No sitting on the sidelines for this mama!)

One Facebook commenter says what moms everywhere are thinking:

Guys also chimed in to give props to Young:


Why do we love this story so much? First of all, Young is helping to normalize breastfeeding. Plus, she is proving you don’t have to quit doing what you love just because you are a new mom.

Plus, her time wasn’t half bad either!

Meanwhile, we are reminded that viral news stories about breastfeeding prove we still have a long way to go when it comes to normalizing breastfeeding.

Hopefully one day a breastfeeding mama pumping won’t be headline news. . .but until then, rock on, Anna Young!